Saturday, December 27, 2008

Latest Addiction

So, I am on twitter all the time now and have been building a great network. I use tweetdeck while at work and just 5 min ago I put it on my laptop. It is so much easier to follow what is going on. When I am on my phone it is signed in to twitterberry - not a wonderful program but it is my phone and it works so I am happy.

Speaking of my phone I would NOT suggest getting a blackberry pearl. It sucks. I have to reset it almost daily, there are many bugs, the camera sucks but the only good thing about it is that it is small and can be dropped over and over. I really need a new phone but can't see myself spending alot right now where mine still works (mostly!)

What age do you think kids should have cell phones? I am conflicted on this. I think it is a good thing that they have them young for safety reasons but at the same time it opens a whole world of danger to them. Yes, I am going to be an over protective parent... will try to keep up with the times!


  1. I think that it totally depends on the situation. My boys are both teens, but they are also homeschooled, and right now, they don't have any outside activities that they are left alone for. If they did, then they'd have a phone. Next year, my oldest will be in High School (ACK!!!) and he'll be doing more things alone, so he will have a phone, but it will be a track phone so his time on the phone will be limited.

    For kids that are in school, I think it's a great idea, even at a young age. There are special phones for younger kids with limits on them. LIke the "Firefly",, that has specific buttons for specified numbers, no key pad. This would limit the phone to emergency only. IF my boys were in regular school, they'd have that from day one. LOL, cuz I"m over protective too ;)

  2. I KNEW you had sent me a link to a new space... just wasn't looking under the right name. My bad. I'm subscribed to this site now, so hopefully I won't miss out on the fun anymore!

    Nothing to add re: cell phones. We'll cross that bridge when it smacks us upside the face. Many, many, many, many years from now, hopefully!!!!

  3. I'm so hooked to twitter too. I did put TwitterFox on my laptop and I use TwitterFon on my iPhone. This entire pregnancy is so new to me so I friend other preggers & moms to be to follow & see what they have to say...I love twitter.